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The Family & The Ministry

Meet the Schwinds

Allen ("A.J.") & Emilie Schwind reside in the North Houston area and have been pillars in their community for several years, working as school teachers, volunteers, active church members, family, and friends. 


Both having family members in military service, the Schwinds saw a need. Their mission is to provide a way for those currently in uniform, veterans, first responders, and their families to enjoy nature away from the stress related to their work, social movements, and politics surrounding their service. Their current plan includes nature walks, fishing, and hunting.


A&E were blessed with the birth of their son, Easton in 2020. While their family is growing, the couple still makes it a priority to be active community and church members, in hopes to make a difference in lives along the way, through acts of service, big or small.


If you would like to join the Schwinds in this endeavor, contact them or donate using the links below:

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Mission Statement

The MISSION of A&E Conservation, Inc. is to provide active military, first responders, veterans and their families a minimally-restrictive environment to enjoy nature's beauty and bounty. Hunting, Fishing and nature walks will be available. 

The VISION of A&E Conservation, Inc. is to offer a desirable benefit for all active military, first responders, veterans and their families. Through our donors and partners we hope to provide access to natural resources to thank the men and women who have given us so much. 

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